Mobile Printing - How does it work?

Why is it that my little computer and USB printer can support mobile printing but my office copier does not??

Many in the office environment understand full well the lack of consistent support for mobile printing. IT Managers look at the solutions available on the market and are hesitant to embrace the idea of "BYOD - Bring Your Own Device" and the resulting workload it will involve. Business Managers look at the "Copier" based solutions provided by many as expensive and lacking in ease of use. And all the end user wants to do is select "Print" and have it magically appear.

The problems lies in a few areas. First is the issue of setup, most products have some sort of mobile capability embedded into them, but require a user to either download an app or install a 3rd party product onto a local computer within the network. While this may be okay the day of the new printer/copier install, it falls far short in the years after when every new device requires some sort of network technician involvement. Second is an issue of perceived security, whereas network administrators are hesitant to allow "unknown" devices from home to be joined to the company network.

The solution, at least currently, lies in a new model that HP (among others) has developed; which is to use an external Mail Server to have documents routed to the copier via email. This allows a user to simply "email" an attachment to the printer, meaning that no additional setup is required AND the device does NOT need to join the network! To protect undesired printing simply limit the exposure of the copier/printer email address, or implement a passcode system which is offered through some MFP vendors.

Why bother? As we enter an era where the PC is being "replaced" by notebooks, tablets, and smart phones, it is important that IT and Business staff recognize this and implement tools that work with the new technology. Field inspectors, sales staff, service technicians, and others tremendously benefit by being able to submit printed documents without the burden of having to sit at a PC, pull up their email, and then print the doc. (theoretically they can do this from the field!) For more information on HP or Xerox mobile solutions, or any other aspect of your document workflow, please contact us today! 661-219-5160

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